Il Team Marzialsport Group

A growing business

Started in 1997 to supply uniforms and equipment to sports associations, today the company is a true industrial business.

A complete company

The company studies, designs and produces clothing and equipment for martial arts and fighting sports with special focus on design and material innovation. Alongside this business is the sale of over 14 brands internationally.

Fighters at work

With a chain of franchise stores rapidly expanding across the country and a network of 13 multifirm agents with specialized-sports vocation, Marzialsport Group is a reliable business partner, capable of generating value and profitability all those involved.

Marzialsport Group brands

The strategy of the company is to focus on an increasing strengthening of its owned brands, simultaneously with an accurate and constant selection of brands to manage, which are technical but at the same time capable of transmitting emotions to the consumer. This allows the company to establish itself as key supplier of equipment for fighting sports in the multibrand and specialized shops.

Excellent brands, approved by international federations

Presence on the Internet

Marzialsport Group is well aware of the potential of internet to increase the value of its products, boost demand and create aggregation. For this purpose, it periodically renews the online shop at, well stocked with apparel, but also gadgets and publications on the subject of martial arts and fighting sports. There are also 4 thematic websites and 4 Facebook channels, dedicated to developing exclusive distribution or licensed owned brands.

Franchising project

The company wants to ensure the fighting sports consumer, a unique experience through a well-defined brand image and with a chain of specialized and recognizable points of sale, that have a complete range of products and gadgets, but also relaxing areas to meet, talk and relax with others.

Dealers Map

Marzialsport Group // Dealers Map



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